*Nearly all these creations are for WinMugen Plus.
Some may work correctly in the new mugen, but there were not made with it in mind.
Country Devil is my only stage designed for Mugen 1.0. *

Heat's stage. (LR)
Source game: Bust a Groove, the "Dance & Rhythm Action" game for the orignal PlayStation.

FF7 "arranged" hitsparks.
Source game: Final Fantasy VII, the infamous RPG for the orignal PlayStation.

Escape stage. (HR)
Source game: Original/Edited. A collaboration with MOTVN and HankVenture.

Dark Space stage. (LR)
Source game: Illusion of Gaia on SNES.

Battle Master stages (7 total). (LR)
Source game: Battle Master on SNES.

Kazuya's stage. (HR)
Source game: Tekken 2 on PS1, edited slightly.

Tekken 2 stages (6 total). (LR)
Source game: Tekken 2, the pirate version on SNES.

Tekken 3 Special stages (6 total). (LR)
Source game: Tekken 3 Special, the pirate version of Tekken 2 on Genesis.

Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha SNES Stages (8 total). (LR)
Source game: Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, the pirate version on SNES.

Go Ninja Go stage. (LR)
Source game: TMNT IV on SNES, with a guest star edited in.

21 Moorgate Street stage. (LR)
Source game: Iron Commando on SNES.

New Angle Dojo stage. (HR)
Source game: Dive Kick. Stage mocking the "gotta be first to release" trend.

Country Devil stage. (HD for Mugen 1.0)
Source game: Original/Edited. Winning contest entry for the Renegade Mugen stage contest.