Final Fantasy VII "arranged" hitsparks.
***Please note:

These three hitsparks from the slideshow are "blood" sparks. They do not come out on normal hits. I have just placed them on normal hits for this example because few characters use them. ***

These are my Final Fantasy VII arranged hitsparks.
I ripped these spark sprites from my FF7 disc. However, I recolored some of the sprites to try and make them more distinct.
While most characters these days use custom sparks in the character itself, there are some notable exceptions.
Most Iron Mugen (David Demianoff), N64Mario, Borghi, Splode, Kakuge Yaro, and Warner characters.

Extract the files where you have the fight.def of your current lifebars, open the fight.def, and set the paths to:
fightfx.sff = FFVIISparks.sff
fightfx.air = FFVIISparks.air